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    Managing Pet Shedding

    Dog brush for deshedding tools


    Hairs. Hairs Everywhere! In your car… in your house… They. Are. Just. Everywhere!

    Shedding for pets are a natural thing. It happens to their body when they need to release unnecessary body hairs due to change in climate or due to stress and even for no reason at all because it was technically natural for them to replace their old hairs to new and more resilient hair. All pets shed. Face it. It is something that is inevitable that you need to be prepared of once you decide to be a fur parent.

    As a fur parent, knowing this is a natural issue to deal with, you must know how to manage this.

    Here are the things you need to manage pet shedding:

    1. Brush their hairs daily.

    Brushing their hairs give them lots of benefits, but let me highlight the benefit that it allows you to get as much dead hair as possible. It gives you the comfort of easily cleanup for them and not wait for those hairs to be stuck on the hard to reach corners of your house.

    1. Schedule their grooming time

    Grooming is not just about getting your pets pampered. It gives them that time of the month where they can have trimming and being thoroughly cleaned. Who does not love pampering?

    1. Give them a bath schedule

    Taking a bath can be a little tricky so you have to figure out a bath schedule for your fur baby. Some needs not to be bathe always, some needs to. Check with your vet for the ideal schedule for bathing that is best on the type of pet you have.

    1. Check your shampoo and conditioners

    We, humans, are very meticulous on choosing shampoos and conditioners for ourselves because some products works best for us, some just ruins our hair, and some are just meh. Same goes with them. They need not the best or the most expensive shampoo on the market but they need something that will work for them.

    Dog deshedding tools

    1. Watch their food

    The food can also affect the integrity of their hair. There are some foods that can trigger shedding and you have to watch out for it.

    1. Know when shedding is not normal anymore

    Make sure you pay attention to the amount of the usual shedding of your pet. Excessive shedding can also be pathologic for them. If this happens, have your vet check your pet. There might be something causing it that needs to be addressed soon.

    1. Buy quality deshedding tool and car and furniture protector for easy cleaning

    Cleaning is one of the worst parts of taking in a pet. You have to make sure you strategize properly on how to maintain the cleanliness of your house and your car.

    Presenting Yogi Prime’s Deshedding tool!

    Cat brush for deshedding

    This tool would give you the ease in cleaning both your pet and house. It removes as much hair as it can without damaging the undercoat of your pet. These tools are easy to clean as well.

     Pet Hair brush



    How to keep your interior clean?

    When you have your own car, you always want to keep it clean.

    But with constant use, shoes stepping on the mat, water spills on the seat, hair of your fur baby, chips during a long ride and many more stains and trash that a car can possibly have…

    Man, I really cannot help but a deep sigh on the sight of all the mess. Maybe you need to think of a way to clean it and have it remained clean for a long time. I am talking about maintaining it clean.

    So here are the tips I can give you so you can maintain the glory of your car interior. (You can thank me later.)

    1. Make sure you have a schedule for car interior cleaning.

    Your car interior also needs cleaning as much as the exterior. Make sure to include a schedule for your cleaning, may it be professionally done or just a do-it-yourself. Preferably do both actually to make sure you get your car that glows it had when it was bought.

    1. Spot-clean stains right away

    Make sure you wipe off the stains once it is there to prevent it from being absorbed by the seat’s material

    1. Keep some car cleaning accessories on your car’s compartment

    This is actually essential to make sure you have something inside your car to clean mess when it is there.

    1. Set some rules for road trips.

    This is just something you need to do since you are the one in front of the driving wheel. Making sure that people inside your car know not to mess up inside it, would it be easier? But if it is your fur baby, well it might be a little tricky.

    1. Consider having a seat cover.

    Seat covers are very useful in saving your time to constantly clean mess and hairs of your pet, and even spills.

    I have one product I can suggest that can also make sure to take care of keeping your interior as clean as possible…

    It has a really good design, universal fit and a great repellant for stains and mess in your car.

    It has a really good design that addresses issues like the seat cover moving a lot and cannot withstand clawing of dogs. It has a maximum coverage to any side to make sure that mess would just be on top of the cover.

    It is also easy to clean and comes with the sticky roller for spot cleaning.


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    How to choose the best garbage bin for your car

    One of the things you might be considering to buy when you got your car would really be a garbage bin. Garbage bin inside the car technically makes your interior easier to clean and it keeps it that way. I am not really passionate about garbage bins. Just that I am not a fond of a messy car. (Ew!). So let’s have a quick look on how to choose the best bin for your car:

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